Get ready to guide in a CoVid 19 World with Joy Vandoske June 25, 2020

EVENT SYNOPSIS by Katy Pavlova 

The first PD for PTGAA members after the quarantine period took place in Holmesglen City Campus.

Maximum capacity of the classroom was 16 people and it was occupied nearly 70% by members who came with hope for a new era of tourism.

President Jim McInerney has a Fantastic speech through Zoom, where he indicated that it is a task for all of now to make TOur Guide work more acknowledged and indicated by authorities ( to avoid a situation when everybody can be a “guide”).

Joy did a very interesting presentation with a lot of recommendations on how to survive ( and not to go crazy) during the transition to the “new normal”. She gave very useful links for self-studying, like go to Tourism Australia Corona Virus Webinars or just read more resources from

Everybody in the classroom agreed that this the best time for more participation in online training as well as offline where possible.

We were challenged to start creating our own tours and try to do virtual tours for our beloved tourists.

PTGAA always plays a key role in supporting our TG community with new beginnings.
We discussed the possibility to hold workshops for each other, e.g. culinary workshops ( Catherine Cardinet, I am looking forward to your French cuisine class) or Leanne’s virtual tour creation masterclass ( I was told that there were not too simple regards to timing, you cannot waste a minute, because the online audience does not want that, we must keep them interested and involved).

After lunch we practised to be on new standards Walking tour, led by Kenneth Park, and I discovered, that actually time for walking tours is even better now, than before, because all the streets are empty, there is no any rush, we can enjoy the architecture the vibe of the “new and old” city as deep as we want)).
Thank you, Alexandra Megas for zooming and recording everything, I think, it will be very helpful for those who could not attend the meeting.

Thank you all guys for inspiration and hope!

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