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If you are applying for Student Membership, you only need fill in the contact details below and upload a copy of a document which shows that you are currently studying full-time a tourism-related course at a Registered Training Organisation

If you are applying for Industry Membership, you only need fill in the contact details below and, in the comments box, please put in details of your organisation and your role there.

Other applicants please complete all relevant questions.

Please provide proof of your status - i.e. copy of first page of Australian passport or your visa, using the File Upload area below.

Please provide copies of all relevant certificates and licences, PLUS a passport photo for your PTGAA ID card.

All new members have to pass an assessment of their guiding skills. This is made up of a test of your practical skills and an assessment of your tour guiding experience. So please give us as much detail as you can below of your tour guiding experience – the length of time you’ve been working, which companies you’ve worked for, where you’ve worked, the number of tours you’ve taken, your areas of expertise, whether you take walking tours, bus tours, cycle tours etc, whether you have a commercial passenger vehicle drivers licence, any tourism related studies you have taken etc. The more detail the better!

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The information I have supplied in this application is true and correct, and I will continue to supply accurate information should any additions be required.

I have attached the requested documents with my application – including a resume, copies of pertinent certificates, a signed Code of Conduct, First Aid certificate and Public Liability Certificate of Currency (if available) and a photo.

Once I have successfully completed the accreditation process I will be able to list my details providing me with exposure to job opportunities on both the National Database of Accredited Tour Guides and the PTGAA website.

I agree to abide by the Australian Tour Guides’ Code of Conduct. As a professional tour guide I shall keep my First Aid & CPR certificate current at all times. For as long as I work as a Tour Guide, I shall ensure that my public liability insurance is current.

I acknowledge that any incorrect / misleading information or failure to provide information as set out in the Guiding Organisation Australia Application Kit or any breach of these terms and conditions, or failing to comply with the Australian Tour Guides’ Code of Conduct may lead to refusal to grant or renew accreditation or the withdrawal of my accreditation.

I acknowledge and agree that the PTGAA can refuse to grant or continue accreditation on the giving of 14 days notice.

I acknowledge that if, at the PTGAA’s absolute discretion, I do not meet the specified criteria as set down in the Application Kit, then I may be refused an On Site Assessment or accreditation opportunity.

I acknowledge that a fee will be charged, where appropriate, for the assessment process and this standard fee can be found on the PTGAA website.

I acknowledge that a fee will be charged for membership and, where appropriate, accreditation and these standard fees can be found on the PTGAA website. These fees may change given circumstances and additional travel costs. I agree to pay all fees and charges within 7 days of invoice.

I acknowledge and agree that the PTGAA and GOA accepts no liability for any information, recommendation or advice provided to me and I agree to seek independent specialist advice before relying upon any information, recommendation or advice provided to me by the PTGAA and GOA or its employees, contracts, agents or officers.

I agree to be liable for and indemnify the PTGAA and / or GOA, its employees, contracts, agents or officers from and against all claims, actions demands, liability, damages (including personal injury or death) and expense (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) with the PTGAA and / or GOA, its employees, contractors, agents or officers may sustain or incur, which might be brought or made by any person, arising out of or in connection with:
a) Any wilful, unlawful or negligent act or omission by me;
b) Any breach of any warranty, terms or condition of accreditation;

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Latest News

Message to Members

Hello everybody,

Our committee has been very active and, like everybody else, have been trying to keep across all the information and “best guess” what tourism will look like in both the short and long term.

We are also acutely aware of the reality that none of us now has any work.

Hopefully, some would have been able to access Jobskeeper or at least Jobseeker?

An important part of what we are doing is communication

We have already contacted Federal, State Tourism Ministers and other tourism bodies outlining the current situation with our members.

We have also now contacted over 100 operators recognising their situations and that our industry will have to gradually rebuild and that we look forward to proactively rebuilding our tourism industry with them.

Some of you would have heard our new “media star” Michelle Brown on Melbourne’s most popular morning radio talkback shows on ABC and 3AW recently? Michelle certainly was able to promote the role of guides and our Association.

We have formed a sub-committee to specially look at a communication strategy going forward

Thanks to James McFarlane, Katy Pavlova Tien Nguyen for accepting this challenge.

In a short- time they have produced a really comprehensive and exciting plan.

The targets are you, the existing members, non- member guides, Tour operators and Industry, Government and Tourism Boards and, importantly, travellers.

* We will take immediate steps to update /align our webpage to our new plan.

* You will soon see case studies some of your colleagues “promoted” on IGTV and Facebook through a You Tube channel. We are looking for more volunteers to be involved -let us know if you are interested

* We will have regular/scheduled communication with Government and Tourism Boards.

We will load this plan to the member section of our website. Comments are welcome

Membership Fees

In recognition of the support of current members and the challenging times we are now in , we have decided to extend all current memberships to June 2021.

We also plan to offer non- members guides and operators access to limited member category for a short time that will enable us to engage and communicate PTGAA information. This could convert to full membership/ support for PTGAA and more opportunities for our members.

Other Links

Thank you to members who have provided information and useful links for us.

Linda Monmouth has provided a link to very inexpensive courses ($8) at University of Queensland Business School  here

Birgittta March -a link to birds of Australia here. A great resource with links to all regions of Australia.

Susan Rees – an important link to a 30 minute COVID 19 infection control training – recommended for us all to do here

Leanne Saward who has prepared a comprehensive statistical snapshot of Traveller FAQs.  It will be a very valuable resource for us all.  It has been added in the Member Resources section or click here.

Tourism Australia Webinars

Register here

PTGAA COVID Guidelines

See PTGAA Guidelines Here